Beautiful, Sun-Filled, Lovingly Built Indoor Space

  • Cushioned, joint safe flooring for low fatigue rest and play
  • Noise abatement panels
  • Clean and safe: Disinfected daily with pet safe products

A wall of South-Facing Windows

DogHaven built a bright, sunny space in a park-like setting specifically for dogs. It’s so much happier for your dog vs a warehouse setting in an industrial park setting.

  • Bright daily sun -our dogs love it!
  • Calm spa-like colors
  • Looks like home!

Every daycare Dog is Skillyfully and carefully Evaluted to ensure a safe and happy pack

Dogs have different needs, a range of temperments, energy levels, size, and age. DogHaven carefully evaluates each dog to determine if daycare is a good fit.

  • We interview you about your dog so as to discover any preferences and particulars
  • We carefully introduce your dog to our “pack ambassadors” to test how your dog reacts to other dogs
  • We slow introduce other dogs to your dog to make sure everybody gets along

Dogs love to Run! That’s why we have 3 outdoor paddocks!

We built DogHaven for big and small dogs. Our outdoor play spaces combine to over 1/4 acre of safe, fenced in play space. Look at that happy dog!

  • Main Paddock is nearly 1/4 acre by itself, large enough for the biggest and fastest dogs, and great games of fetch and chase!
  • A pea gravel potty paddock serves on rainy days so your dog won’t get too wet or dirty
  • A transfer paddock between the 2 buildings also serves as foul weather outside areas, and is made with pet safe artifical turf to keep your dog clean

A place for dogs to be dogs!

We play with them, they place with us! Fun is had by all!