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Welcome to your dog’s Home away from home!

All for the love of dog…

DogHaven is an all inclusive, pack play centered doggy daycare where your pup can run and play for hours and hours with all their fur pals! With 3 seperate outdoor play spaces in addition to our climate controlled indoor playspace, your dog will have all the room they need to roam and explore in a safe and supervised environment.

DogHaven attracts the right kind of staff, dedicated to the health and happiness of our doggy guests. Whether your dog is here for daycare, grooming, or boarding, we strive to bring you and your dog an excellent experience.

Over 1/4 Acre of outdoor play space!

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3800 Shoreline Dr
Wayzata, MN 55391

Natural Light = Wagging Tails!

South facing windows to bring a warm, light-filled experience when your dog is inside. No dreary kennels in windowless rooms.

Daycare – Boarding – Grooming

Whether you choose one or all of our services, we work hard to provide you and your dog with an excellent experience.


Your dog will play in a hand-selected friendly pack of dogs appropriate to your dog’s size, age, energy level, and temperament.

Bathing and Grooming

Whether you’re looking for a simple kennel bath or an all out makeover, our professional groomer, Haley, is here to provide your pup with an exceptional experience!


Dogs approved for daycare are invited to stay overnights and will enjoy all the same benefits of their usual daycare experience.

1/4 Acre Outdoor Play Area!

Dogs love to run! Small outdoor play spaces are cheaper to build, cheaper to maintain, but they aren’t what dogs really want. DogHaven invested in one of the largest outdoor run spaces in the twin cities. Why?

We already said it: Dogs love to run!

Like a Day at the Dog park, only with lots of Pals already there!

Mr. Doodle

Don’t worry, pet parents, we didn’t forget about you! We provide a cozy, homey ambiance not just for our doggos, but for our human friends as well. Whether you’re waiting for a quick pawdicure for your pooch or picking up from daycare, have a seat and help yourself to a fresh cup of coffee, or enjoy a quick flip through of one of our hand selected library of dogtastic books!