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Your dog’s Home away from home!

All for the love of dog…

We love dogs! And for the love of dog, we really want you and your pet to be safe and happy. Unlike cold corporate-type facilities, we built DogHaven to look and feel like your dog’s second home. Our doggy guests arrive happily, excited to play with their pals in a park-like environment where they’re loved by staff. We really do love our guests.

DogHaven attracts the right kind of staff, dedicated to the health and happiness of our doggy guests. Whether your dog is here for daycare, grooming, boarding, or training, we strive to bring you and your dog an excellent experience.

Over 1/4 Acre of outdoor play space!

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Natural Light = Wagging Tails!

South facing windows to bring a happy, light-filled experience when your dog is inside. No dreary kennels in windowless rooms.

Daycare – Boarding – Grooming -Training

Whether you choose one or all of our services, we work hard to provide you and your dog with an excellent experience.


Your dog will play in a hand-selected friendly pack of dogs appropriate to your dog’s size, age, energy level, and temperment.

Bathing and Grooming

Whether you’re looking for a simple kennel bath, or a fancy pattern cut, our professional grooming is excited to meet your doggy!


Dogs approved for daycare are invited to stay overnights. Because each dog is introduced to the pack, your dog might enjoy a kennel free boarding experience -it’s like a slumber party with pals!


We can connect you with trainers who offer all sorts of training, from simple obedience training, to more specialized training.

1/4 Acre Outdoor Play Area!

Dogs love to run! Small outdoor play spaces are cheaper to build, cheaper to maintain, but they aren’t what dogs really want. DogHaven invested in one of the largest outdoor run spaces in the twin cities. Why?

We already said it: Dogs love to run!

Like a Day at the Dog park, only with lots of Pals already there!

Mr. Doodle

OK, OK. We want to delight our human guests too! We have a cute, homey, comfy place for you to drop off and pick up your pooch.

Have a Kuerig coffee on us!