Boarding can be fun, like a slumber party with pals

Since our boarding is offered exclusively to our daycare dogs, boarding becomes a far less stressful event for you, and your dog. While we do offer kennels, most of our dogs sleep in rooms, sometimes with other dogs, siblings or proven pals. This means brothers and sisters can stay together on comfy beds, vs separated in cold kennels.

step 1: $37
Temperment Evaluation

Boarding is open to our daycare dogs, which requires an evaluation for temperment. This ensures all dogs get along with your dog, and the slumber party can begin!

Step 2: $27/day
2 half days in Daycare

To ensure your dog is happy in a daycare setting, we require at least 2 half days in daycare before your dog is ellible for boarding.

Step 3: $75 per 24hrs
Let the party begin!

Since we often have more than just your dog, and all dogs have met each other in a daycare setting, it really is like a party for our dogs when they stay overnight.

Step 4: No Add’l Charge
Kennel optional

If your dog is happier in a crate or kennel overnight, we’re happy to offer that option as well.

Let’s get comfy…

Benefits of Kennel-Free boarding

It breaks our hearts when we hear of boarding kennels that lock up your dog for 22+ hours a day, with little time to play or socialize with other dogs. DogHaven does boarding differently. We hand-pick a friendly pack through our evaluation and daycare, and then offer boarding as an option to suitable dogs. This means it really is like a bunch of friends getting together for a night out away from their parents!

Weekday Schedule

Your dog will be in daycare from 8am-6pm. That means 10 hours of free play with pals! Trust us, they’re good and tired from a day of play! From there, they are placed in rooms with or without other dogs, or in a crate/kennel if you prefer.

Weekend Schedule

Unlike other boarding kennels that charge for free-time by the minute, at DogHaven, your dog will enjoy at least 4 hours a day of indoor and outdoor free play with other dogs.

Food and Treats

We ask that you supply food and treats for your dog, as that’s what they’re used to eating, along with feeding instructions. All dogs are fed separately for safety. Some dogs can have open feeding in their space.


Unlike other facilities, we don’t charge extra for medications. We only ask that you provide the meds, and clear instructions. We love taking care of our needy doggos.

Blankets and Toys

Absolutely! We’ll place your dog’s favorite toys and bed in their sleeping space. We’ll wash them if they get soiled, unless you say otherwise.


Our dogs play hard! Sometimes a bath is required. Kennel baths are available (prices vary by size). We’ll discuss bathing with you before we do it to make sure you’re OK with the cost.

Resting buddies, much happier than in a kennel
Why use a kennel when they sleep so well together?