Our Story

We could have built a cheaper facility, but…

We realize that there are a couple dog daycare options in our immediate area. We really respect their business ideas! But, we had a different vision. We wanted to bring a “dog park” like experience for your dog to run and play. Dogs love to run! Land is expensive in our area. Even so, we built DogHaven with 1/4 acre of outside running space. And we welcome dogs of all sizes!

Even our boarding model is unique, forgoing cold kennels for a more dog-friendly slumber party like model. Dogs don’t fear coming here! They love it!

  • Facility built for dogs, not just volume
  • Boarding is fun for dogs!
  • Owners are pationate about dogs
  • We attract passionate employees!

3800 Shoreline Dr
Wayzata MN 55391

What We Offer

Happiness for dogs. That’s it. A safe and happy place for your dog to feel comfortable whether in daycare, grooming, boarding, or training. We bend over backwards to create a happy place that your dog wants to visit!

Goofiness encouraged!

Daycare should be fun. Your dog should love it…and our dogs do!

Boarding, or slumber party?

Our boarding dogs know each other from their daycare stays. Boarding, therefore, needn’t be rows of cold kennels with playtime measured in minutes a day. Nope! Our dogs play and play and play…and then cuddle up with each other, happily, at the end of the day.


Our dogs play hard. And sometimes a simple bath is required to clean up after a day of frolicking with mates. Or, maybe you want that special pattern cut for your prized pooch. Either way, we’ve got you covered!

Passionate Employees

Even during the pandemic and employee shortages other businesses are facing, DogHaven succeeds in bringing high quality service to you and your dog. How can we do this? Because we have passionate employees backed by passionate management. DogHaven’s facility, philosophy towards dog-care, and happy work environment attracts employees who are passionate about dogs, leading to an excellent experience for everyone.

We Provide the Overall Play Environment in the Area

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